Série 04, Paradis Perdus - Lookbook

Série 04, Paradis Perdus - Lookbook

" Real paradises are the paradises we have lost" said Marcel Proust in his book Le temps retrouvé, À la recherche du temps perdu. His famous madeleine has always fascinated me, touched me. According to me, objects carry an affective and emotional dimension that awakens our senses, our memories, our heritage. I like to play with codes and traditions. A vase can take us on a journey, offer us a beautiful escape. This new Series is a parade, an imaginary world that nevertheless seems familiar: a bastide in Provence, an orangery, an oasis of wonders, a magnified childhood memory. Open your eyes wide, remember the sweet scent of orange blossoms... "


 Papilloun, wall jewel 


Galinette, armchair  Fani, table Pia, carafe Papilloun, wall jewel Belle-Dame, vase 


Belle-Dame, vase 

Galinette, armchair Fani, table  Belle-Dame, vase 

 Pia, carafe Papilloun, wall jewel Belle-Dame, vase Calabrun, candle 

 Butterfly, wall jewel 

Belle-Dame, vase

Galinette, armchair  Table Fani  Belle-Dame, vase 

 Table Fani Pia, carafe Butterfly, wall jewel 

Galinette, armchair Parasol, glasses Fani, table Pia, carafe Papilloun, wall jewel Belle-Dame, vase Bougie Calabrun Bisou-Bijou, wall jewel Pinède, wall-shelf 

Belle-Dame, vase

Galinette, armchair  Fani, table   Calabrun, candle


Parasol, glasses Pia, carafe furoshiki, table napkins


Verres Parasol Carafe Pia Papilloun, wall jewel Calabrun, candle Bisou-Bijou, wall jewel



Chef Mathias Dandine and his wife Christel, for their welcome and trust.

Janny, Catherine, Quentin, Massimo and their teams without whom our drawings would have remained on a sheet of paper.

Laure and Caroline, without whom we would have had to describe our objects rather than show them to you.

Claire, Apolline, Léa and Lucas for their precious help and enthusiasm.

Julie, Astrid and Louise, who successfully showcase the collections.