Série 05, L'Heure Rose - lookbook

Série 05, L'Heure Rose - Lookbook

  "September 10, 2021, 8:20 p.m. Pink Hour.  

Climb aboard a fully inflated zodiac called "Enzo", towards the horizon, the islands of Frioul, Pomègues and Ratonneau. Sea of Oil. The clouds are turning pink, it is a harbinger, tomorrow will be a mistral day.

The pink hour is fleeting beauty, thea hedonistic celebration of the sunset.

Pink light, between sunny yellow and sea blue. Somewhere between Les Goudes and Méjean, that moment when the sea burns and becomes amber, then purplish. 

A suspended moment, an elusive handful of seconds. It is this light that I wanted to tell in this new series, the one that changes our perception of things. The softness of the play of transparencies, surging streaks, shine and golden, bluish and pink tones.

Contemplative state. "