Margaux Keller Collections x Rosa Cadaqués

margaux keller collections x rosa cadaqués

" First of all, there is this love of the south. The streets lined with bougainvillea, the coloured shutters of the houses, the smell of pine and eucalyptus, the sea breeze, this sweetness of life, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Florence and Megan, co-founders of the Rosa Cadaqués

Margaux Keller

The bouquet

The Madalena vase + bouquet

The bouquet

The Enzo vase + bouquet

Graphic, tangy and wild.

The large Margaux Keller Collections & Rosa Cadaqués bouquet will enhance your Enzo and Madalena vase. Bring the south into your home... light even in winter, color, a Mediterranean fragrance.

Composed of Echinops, this small blue thistle which reminds the sea urchin, of Craspedia these small yellow sun buds and of pink and purple field flowers.

Each bouquet is carefully wrapped in a recycled organic cotton furoshiki designed by Margaux and screen printed with vegetable dyes.

This art of tying fabrics comes from Japan where great care is taken with the container,

which is an integral part of the present.

Find the bouquet in mini format in each gift box.

The Calabrun box

The Soap Box

The Perfume gift set