Bleu Azuré capsule collection

Azure Blue" capsule collection

Discover our summer capsule that celebrates our iconic shade and find Pomègues: the console, Fani: the side table, Pinède: the shelf and Madalena: the vase in a new color: Azure Blue.

It is in the hollow of a cove, in the heart of a unique place in Marseille, nestled between land and sea, that we had the chance to immortalize our capsule collection "Bleu Azuré".

A place steeped in history, invested by the resistance during the Second World War, today rehabilitated into a place to live where man lives in total symbiosis with a raw and breathtaking nature.

The elements clash on this white rock. The geometrical volumes coated with lime remind us of Greek images, a conquering people who once, 2600 years ago, discovered Marseille: Massilia.

Thanks to Jean-Christophe and his wife for their warm welcome on their white rock.

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