Bisou, our carpet made in France

Bisou, our rug made in France

It is a great pride for us to have taken up the challenge to present you today an exceptional carpet made in France.

The manufacture which makes our carpet is ancestral. What makes it special is the hand tufted technique, increasingly rare nowadays, which guarantees an irreproachable quality and a real durability. We share with the craftsmen of the manufacture high standards, to make this product a timeless product which we do not get tired and which lasts. In this manufacture, everything is made on the spot in short circuit.

The wool comes from New Zealand, it is spun and dyed from the factories of local partners before arriving on the looms of the craftsmen of the house.the wool of New Zealand embodies the choice of the quality of exception.Indeed, it presents a long fiber contrary to the French wool, it is this quality which allows a better behaviour in the time of the comfort of use and of the flamboyant colors which we selected meticulously for this model "Bisou".

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