Our commitment


Eco-design has always been at the heart of my work as a designer. The objects we design are thought to be sustainable and are in line with the times. Today, we wish to go further beyond by giving a real ethical and ecological dimension to our collections. Moving towards a more responsible way of living and working is a matter of truth, a duty. We are working in this direction at all stages of our development. To reduce the environmental impact we use raw and ecological materials. Our objects are sold in limited series for a reasoned production.

We support the arts and crafts by collaborating with craftsmen and manufacturers who preserve know-how, sometimes ancestral. We favour a manual work of proximity with a French and Mediterranean manufacture.

We have designed durable and reusable packaging for all our objects. Our Furoshikis (traditional Japanese technique) are made of recycled fabrics or organic cotton with vegetable dyes: you will receive each time your beloved object wrapped in its furoshiki custom designed by Margaux Keller.

belu furoshiki
We choose our subcontractors with the greatest care by developing long-lasting partnerships with small structures that share our values.

We will keep you informed of each of our actions that will make us a more committed brand every day.


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