The challenge had to be taken up, and the stakes were high: to restore meaning by restoring unity to time, that of creation, development and manufacturing. It was a challenge of respect, of the tradition that is transmitted, of the talent cultivated in the palm of each hand. The collections highlight the know-how and the excellence of the crafts, the quality of the bond woven with the artisans who give life to my designs. This adventure is only possible thanks to those who have been seduced by the crazy story we have come to tell them.

Jean-Paul is a ceramist from father to son in Gardanne,down from the Sainte-Victoire. He lends his know-how to the greatest French luxury brands. With his hoarse voice and his handsgnawedby the clay, he immediately commands respect! In his large workshop, an authentic atmosphere reigns, just as we like it... the smells of earth at first, the pots of colored pigments and the infinite rays of pottery, archives...The ambition of the oversized drawing of the Oli vase did not frighten him. Later, the drawings of the teapot and the Gaté cups were born in the very heart of the workshop.

Jean-Paul Gardanne in Provence

Anne-Aurélie and Mickaël are restless and share the same passion. Both embody a new generation of cabinetmakers from Marseille. Nothing resists them and certainly not our Osco tray. Anne-Aurélie made a first prototype in her workshop in the former docks of the collaborative and solidarity MakerSpace ICI Marseille and Mickaël has been working with Margaux for many years.

Quentin, our Marseille glassworker, has been sharing our adventure since the beginning. He is 28 years old and has recently taken over the reins of the family business which is existing since 1948. He is a passionate person ready to take on the wildest challenges. When we came with the drawings of our mirrors, he told us without hesitation "Yes, I'll make them for you". Once again, the precision and meticulousness required by the cut-outs of our mirrors is a real challenge. Insect hooks didn't scare him off either.


And finally, Massimo, whom Margaux met more than 10 years ago during her stay in Italy. Since then, the designer and the craftsman have been working hand in hand on numerous torch-blown glass projects. He is the one who has realized in a single stroke of genius our Piou decanter.

Massimo glass blower

Thanks also to the artisans of Series 01, Camille and Anthony, Laura, Alessandra, Pascal.