The challenge had to be taken up, and the stakes were high: to restore meaning by restoring unity to time, that of creation, development and manufacturing. It was a challenge of respect, of the tradition that is transmitted, of the talent cultivated in the palm of each hand. The collections highlight the know-how and the excellence of the crafts, the quality of the bond woven with the artisans who give life to my designs. This adventure is only possible thanks to those who have been seduced by the crazy story we have come to tell them.

Our first pieces of Fani and Pine forest furniture are made in Anjou, land of hedged farmland and apple trees. At the time, the workshop manufactured the barrels used for the storage of cider. Over the generations, the family manufacture specialized in the manufacture of furniture and objects in solid wood. Pierre and his brother Mathieu, now at the head of the company, work with a team of journeymen cabinetmakers with exceptional know-how and respect for the environment.

Camille and Anthony, our young ceramists who have shared the adventure since its beginnings, gave life to the Panisse and Honorine candleholders. Installed in the old town of La Ciotat near Marseille, they are part of this new generation of craftsmen who are shaking up the codes. From Limoges porcelain to the ochre earths of the region, their hand-made creations are remarkable. Sylvain, our wax craftsman based in Grasse sublimates this joyful duo with his candles all round and entirely hand made.


And finally, Carla works in a glass factory founded more than 30 years ago in Portugal. Thanks to age-old manufacturing techniques, its craftsmen who already make our beautiful Calabrun candle have taken up this new challenge: to make our colored blown glass with umbrella stripes.

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